Calories, Energy Balance, Thermodynamics & Weight Loss…

… “Things we’ve got wronger than a very wrong thing”! As the brilliant Dr Malcolm Kendrick would say – and Black-adder before him!

Why do we say “eat less/do more”? Does it work? What do the laws of thermodynamics actually say? (because it isn’t “eat less/do more”)

Why do we say “to lose 1lb of fat, we need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories”? Is any part of this equation correct? Do the 7 leading public health authorities in the UK know why they say this? Does anyone?

What is human fat tissue? How do we lose it? i.e. how do we lose weight? (because it isn’t “eat less/do more”)

And much more.

Hope you enjoy it!
Very best wishes – Zoe

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2 comments on “Calories, Energy Balance, Thermodynamics & Weight Loss…
  1. I have read the marvellous book and am so grateful to Zoe and other workers for this great work.
    So how about we use it as in YES magazine or many other organisations and really get world-wide support and take ACTION against the processed food industries that are responsible.I am a country GP and actually read John Yudkin’s book in 1972.I agree with the concept of a tax on sugar and trans fats too
    It will be up to us ordinary people to make this thing go, but how it is going to get started is beyond me.
    And thank you Gary Taubes whose “Good calories Bad calories” I have read with appprobation .

  2. Paul says:

    Have you heard of Glyceroneogenesis? Your body can product glycerol w/o carbs.
    Also you can store fat w/o insulin. ASP in addition to being stimulated by insulin, is also stimulated by chylomicron (dietary fat).

    Gary Taubes is a journalist and not a scientist, so I wouldn’t go around quoting him as your main source.

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"The Obesity Epidemic is the most comprehensive demolition job on the arrogance and ignorance of the health profession I have ever read".
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